Robert Hunter


Robert Hunter


This time, I’m putting it on that line.

Got nothing to lose, but I’m laying it all down.


Red lined. Back roads and blurry eyes.

I just get so bored sometimes, living in this town.


She said don’t you dare slow down.


All those dreams that I’m chasing,

I’m always chasing,

Whether you are right or wrong.

(You’re wrong. You’re wrong.)

All those comets outpacing,

The moon and a southern station

Not calling on the phone.

(Come on. Come on.)


Read my mind, nothing but smoke and I’ve

Been taking those exit signs, that go round and round.


One headlight, pointed into the night,

We might be wrong or right. We’re going to find out.


She said don’t you dare slow down.




Days go by, three hundred sixty five. And it ain’t slowing down.

I’ll stay by your side, if you stay by my side…


And she says don’t you dare slow down.