Robert Hunter

The Ark of Music

Gone for Good, has just dropped, and quickly proves that the hype that has been generated around Hunter is well-earned. A throwback to the heavy-hearted, electric guitar-laden songs of love and loss that saturated the 90’s and early 2000’s, Gone for Good’s wise production and writing will feel very familiar to Generation X’ers, and will give the Millennials—and beyond—a lesson in real, blue-collar music, made with real musical instruments by real, blue-collar musicians.

The Daily Vault

Robert Hunter has a pair of potent EPs under his belt, full of sharp tunes performed with skill, integrity and—most important of all—genuine commitment and passion.

Music Blogged

Robert’s refreshing brand of alt-rock is proudly displayed on ‘Afterglow’, with accomplished tracks including ‘Gone for Good’ and ‘Cable’ that offer a smart outlook on the trials and tribulations of life.


“Afterglow” ticks most of the boxes for what makes good alt-rock these days: singable hooks, stompy riffs, soaring melodies, moody vocals and tons of edgy emotion. Besides being well-produced, the track list is nicely balanced, and Robert Hunter’s raspy vocals casts a magnetic spell over the music that has just enough rawness to it to make more interesting than your average mainstream rock, but catchy enough to cast an eye at the radio charts.

Creative Control Magazine

"As expected – I mean, the guy is also a poet – the lyrics are smart and strong."

Music vs The World

““Outta My Mind” is successfully hard-wiring into my brain after a single listen.”

Daily Vault

“The number one point of comparison here, though, stems from the combination of the late-’90s radio-friendly alt-rock production (“A little more echo on the vocals… keep everything else clean and well-defined and spacious… yeah, that’s it”) with a voice that could pass for Rob Thomas’ younger brother. Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it: this feels and sounds remarkably like alternate-universe early Matchbox 20. Outta My Mind showcases Robert Hunter’s gift for combining smart lyrics with smart hooks, delivering earnest and reliably well-crafted tunes that hark back to the golden age of radio-friendly alt-rock.”